Let’s do some math…you earn a little over $3.6-Tillion. You spend a little over $4.1-Trillion. That is a negative earnings situation, otherwise known as in-the-red, by about a $1/2-Trillion. Common Core math exercise? No, just our national budget.

Those “earnings” are your taxes. The government will be running a deficit, in a big way. Big surprise there. Those numbers, clearly show an incompetent understanding of basic math. The mathematics of the national budget were put forth by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

They took a look at the $4.1-Trillion in proposed spending (2017) and came up with that working out to about $3.6-Trillion in spending in 2009.

Their data is based on inflation adjustment for earnings vs. spending dating back to 1940.  Their earnings for 2017 are estimated at that $3.6-Trillon figure, while in 2009 this would have equated to be in the $3.3-Trillion range. So you see the pattern here? An on-going negative budget.

While the rest of us may not understand the convoluted principals of inflation adjusted earnings, we did master the concept of addition and subtraction at the ripe old ages of 4-5.

It is clear that our President and his lackey Congress are not remedial in the concept, but total and complete morons. The need for the OMB to tell us this doesn’t add up is a moot point.

What does this mean for you and me? Likely more taxes. We have got to elect new people to office. If we don’t we will continue to circle the drain.


Source: CNS News


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