Hillary has can't seem to get away from hidden document scandals and we are eagerly awaiting to see what lies in store for her many mishaps and shady if not illegal behavior. One thing's for sure if Hillary's true corruption surfaces before the November election it is going to have a major impact on her campaign unless some other scummy liberal like our beloved president Obama has anything to say about it.

One of the major issues that has been giving Hillary some major heat is her role in promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade deal shrouded in controversy.

Guess who else was a major advocate of this controversial deal.

You got it. Good old Obama.

Now the International Times has submitted an open records request for the correspondence between the United States Trade Representative and Clinton's State Department.

The Obama administration had other plans. They shut them down hard and stopped any release of emails about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP.

When the correspondence was originally requested in July 2015 the Obama administration estimated that they would complete the request by April 2016.

However, after Hillary started receiving so much heat that was crushing her campaign the administration came out with another statement on May 31 saying that even though the actual search process had been completed the request would conveniently only be available in late November 2016, well after it could do any damage to Hillary's campaign.

Clinton has continually flip-flopped on the issue as to wether or not she has supported the deal depending on how many Democrats oppose the deal.

There are at least 45 accounts of her supporting TPP according to CNN, but in 2015 Clinton claimed that she never worked on the deal.

Then in October she claimed that she opposed the deal and had never supported it.

This woman is unbelievable! As if the entire world wouldn't find the leaked records of her explicitly supporting and working towards the TPP.

The voters deserve to know the truth about Hillary Clinton's involvement in the deal and this request would show just that.

Too bad for the American people Obama and Hillary in typical Hillary fashion are just going to lie and mislead the public until they get what they want and it's too late.

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Source: CNN

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