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For most critical thinking Americans, Obama’s apparent desire to leave America although welcome news, is actually too little, too late! Moreover the real reason may not be the published excuse of a Trump Presidency but perhaps in the recent dismal news that Obama’s signature piece of legislation namely “ObamaCare” is collapsing right before our eyes, and may in fact be the surprise undoing of Hillary’s campaign.

Ironically the “smoking gun” of failed progressive governance may in fact come from Obama himself, rather than the drip, drip, drip of Hillary’s self-inflicted scandals.

The smokescreen for Obama is to use Trump as a decoy and to have his surrogates namely the mainstream media pick up on the planted rumors swirling around the White House, for the remainder of the election.

As proof of how the White House plays the media, all one needs to do is listen to Josh Ernest cleverly feeding the rumor by nether confirming or denying that President Obama will move to Canada if Trump is elected president.

The tactic is a classic progressive strategy and one of the best known secrets within the mainstream media, in that you first create a worthless story void of facts, and then play “cat and mouse” with a more than willing media playing along, with the hope of running out the clock on the potential collapse of ObamaCare, and the shocking and massive hikes on premiums slated for 2017.

The rumor began with a media friendly journalist (are there any other?), who planted the rumor seed in an article he write entitled “Obama Declares His Family Will Move to Canada If Trump Is Elected.”

From the Daily Mail:

A White House aide has failed to deny rumors President Barack Obama is planning to leave the United States if Donald Trump wins the election.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked whether Obama was planning to flee abroad if Trump, a man he has said is unfit to hold the office, is elected president.

In response, Earnest would only say that Obama was campaigning to ensure that no one would have to leave America because of a Donald Trump presidency.

The rumor mill first started when Canadian satire site The Burrard Street Journal carried an article saying that Obama was planning to move to Canada if Trump was victorious.

Moreover the friendly journalist wasn’t quite finished in creating this piece of fiction and actually followed up the bogus headline with an equally bogus statement that he attributed to Obama; “It’s something Michelle, the kids and I have discussed as a potential solution to the Donald. I have also spoken with Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau who outlined Canada’s generous immigration policy for wealthy individuals, so we’ll see.”

And “bingo” the potential collapse of ObamaCare is off the front page!


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