Barrack Obama installed a new fence around the White House recently and after closer inspection many people aren't too happy with it's peculiar design. All changes or improvements must go directly through Obama's staff so theres no denying he knew exactly what was taking place only steps away from our nation's White House. They made sure to add in one not so subtle feature that has America calling for it to be taken down at once.

One patriotic photographer made sure to snap a pic of the new design built into the fence that surrounds the White House. Built into the revamped fence are what appear to be small Islamic manirets like the ones from the Ottoman Empire. This type of classic Islamic architecture is commonplace in countries like Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but lining the fence of the White House in Washington, DC, they stick out like a sore thumb.


The new fence was first reported on in an ABC News report back in 2015, which stated that due to security concerns the Obama administration deemed that it was necessary to build a new fence laden with more spikes in order to make it impossible for intruders to climb.

However, the sneaky modification grabbed the attention of conservative radio host, Andrea Shea King and she was fast to act. Now only hours after this feature was noticed Americans all over the country are expressing feelings of outrage and betrayal on social media due to the fence's new design tweak.

A man going by the name 'Concerned Virginian' posted on social media explaining his reaction to the new fence design.

"These are traditional Islamic designs. The ‘castle like’ item on top of the ‘onion dome’ item is an evocation of Mecca, the Dome of the Rock, and the buildings surrounding it," he explained.

"The ‘onion dome’ is a traditional Islamic design, seen in mosques, window designs for the Harem, Islamic architecture still exist in Spain," the 'Virginian continued.

He makes a very valid point and there's no mistaking at least the similarities and the connection that can be made.


He concluded his post with, "Make no mistake this is just another way to declare Islam."

There is never a shortage of political Islam making its mark in subtle and subliminal messages in order to further the Islamic message, especially to Muslims who understand these symbols very well. This could very well be another prime example of Islamic symbols intentionally placed to convey a message, all the while hiding in plain sight.

Only those who know what symbols to be on the lookout for are able to truly understand the ideology that is trying to be conveyed in these hidden messages.

When you look at the pictures side by side the fence design and these classic Islamic symbols that have been around for centuries start to look eerily similar. It is easy for anyone to start to make that connection.

No doubt the liberal left will call this comparison conservative hysteria but the evidence is standing right there in plain sight for everyone to see. You definitely wouldn't see something like this in reverse.

Theres no chance that there would be traditional western architecture strewn about the premises of a mosque or hidden like propaganda in the walls.

Obama knows exactly what he has done with this new fence in one of Americas most iconic structures. It's just another way for Obama to make sure he leaves his point of view and message engraved into America before he is finally out of office. One thing is for sure, this country can't hardly bear his shenanigans anymore and we couldn't be more eager to get Trump into office where maybe he can start cleaning up some of the messes that Obama has left behind in his liberal warpath.

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Source: Mad World News


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