The White House may have a hard time admitting that Islamic extremism was responsible for the Paris attacks, but France and Great Britain have had no issue putting the blame where it belongs. In fact, both countries are working on changing their immigration policies to curb the number of Muslims that are allowed within their borders. America on the other hand just rolled out the welcome mat to Muslim immigrants, and may even grant them amnesty.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that from 2010-2013 the United States welcomed more immigrants from Muslim nations into the country than they did from both Mexico and South America. Immigration isn't a problem when people are willing to assimilate, after all America was built by immigrants, the problem is when you get immigrants coming in with a doctrine to change the country to be like their homeland and force their own laws on the land. When immigrants want to strangle freedom and fundamentally change their new home, they should not be welcomed into the country.

France has learned the hard way that Muslim immigrants don't want to be Westernized, instead they want the Western world to regress and oppress. While victim blaming is a horrible precedent, it does have to be pointed out that France enabled the extremism by allowing the immigrants to set up "No Go Zones" within their country, that have operated under Shariah law. This atrocity could be used as a warning to America. However, Obama and the United States don't see a problem with this. Instead, they see a problem with not accepting the Muslims with open arms.

Obama's latest amnesty plan would grant citizenship to the 300,000 plus Muslims that have immigrated into the country, possibly even giving them the chance to vote in elections. They could fundamentally change America. Instead of Americans having freedom, they too could have Shariah, or live in greater fear of terror attacks. In 2001 it only took 19 Muslim immigrants to kill 2,996 Americans. If only a few of the Muslim influx are Jihadists or extremists, America is in trouble. Remember, the terror in Paris was only caused by a few individuals.

What more will it take for Obama to learn that Islam isn't a religion of peace, and that unhindered immigration is a threat to our freedom? While much of Europe scrambles to save themselves from the threat of ISIS and stop any future attacks, the United States is sending out a message to let the terrorists know that the light has been left on for them, and the front door is unlocked.


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