(Iranians Protest America on 34th Anniversary of Iranian radicals taking over US embassy and taking US hostages)

In an 18-4 vote of approval, the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee passed a bill forward that's designed to impose serious sanctions against Iran if they don't abandon their nuclear weapons program. While it still has a ways to go, it seems the full Senate is on track to give this necessary bill the push into becoming a law.

This official measure, of course, has President Barack Obama seething in frustration. The dysfunctional President is threatening to veto any new sanctions bill, arguing that there are still diplomatic options that can be pursued. Even if the bill has support by both Democrats and Republicans in a rare bipartisan vote from the full Senate, President Obama has sharpened his veto pen, hovering over an inkwell of blood, ready to ensure one of the world's most dangerous threats continues to develop nuclear weapons.

Critics of President Obama's foreign policy towards a growing nuclear Iran feel that sanctions are a must, and to think there can be any kind of diplomatic solution at this stage is completely naïve. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has voiced his opposition towards President Obama on more than one occasion, correctly arguing that Iran is a small, dangerous country that could drag countless others into a massive nuclear conflict.

In one of his rare moments where John Boehner actually acts like a Republican Speaker of the House, he didn't seek any approval from the White House to invite the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress on this important issue.

While Iran has declared many times that they are researching nuclear technologies for energy production and other scientific endeavors, it's important that the rest of the world remains highly skeptical over such claims. Iran has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel in recent history, to have it completely erased from the map. A nuclear bomb could very well produce the results Iran is seeking.

The sanctions being sought are designed to produce economic pressure on Iran, in the hopes that they'll sign an International agreement to stop their nuclear based research and development. Preventing a nuclear war in the Middle East is paramount to a more stable future, where our grandchildren should never contemplate the horrors of a massive nuclear winter that can damage the Earth on an epic scale.

A nuclear capable Iran is the final tick-tock of the Doomsday Clock, a moment in time where if we delay too long to act now, we may end up realizing that such a delay came when it was already too late. Iran is loaded with radicals who feel that to die in order to destroy Israel is a way to a glorious afterlife.  As such, those Iranian radicals wouldn't have any second thoughts about detonating a nuclear bomb that close to their own soil.

One of the greatest threats to the security of the world lay within two main elements. Iran, who is doing their best to develop a nuclear arsenal to wipe Israel off of the map, and their devout ally, President Barack Obama, who is ignoring not just the Senate, but the very will of the American people, who are calling for immediate efforts to stop a nuclear Iran from becoming reality.

When that bill for the sanctions reaches President Obama's desk and he vetoes it, such an action can only prove one thing. Our President is providing aid and comfort to a known enemy of the United States of America. After all, isn't that the very definition of treason?

Doesn't the consequences for a nuclear capable Iran scare the living daylights out of President Obama? Or is he truly content to let an active spark for a global World War Three to forever erase humanity in one fell swoop? Let us hope we never have to find out those answers by becoming glow-in-the-dark artifacts for the future dominate species of Earth to dig up, pondering how we lived our lives just before that preventable extinction level event happened.


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