Judge Judy is popular for her no nonsense courtroom style and her common-sense judgements. That’s probably why Tenecia Reed chose Judge Judy to hear her lawsuit against her mooching, lazy boyfriend. Reed took her 21-year-old live-in boyfriend, Duane Brooks, to court because he refused to pay her six months-worth of rent.

Duane Brooks, also a third-year college student, claimed that his mere presence in his girlfriend’s apartment should be payment enough. He figured that since his girlfriend is older (she’s 30-years-old), she should have to pay for everything. Brooks saw no reason to believe a 21-year-old man should be responsible for himself.

It would be bad enough if Brooks were only ripping-off his girlfriend. But, he revealed to Judge Judy that he was also pulling-one-over on taxpayers too. As an out-of-work student, Brooks receives $437 per month from the government for the expressed purpose of paying rent. When the judge asked what he did with that money, the young collegiate mind of Duane Brooks responded with: "I spent it on myself".

As you can imagine, Judge Judy didn’t let this teachable moment pass her by:

"If the county is giving you money for rent and you’re not using that money for rent, but using it for yourself, then you’re stealing that money. You’re already getting $22,000 for tuition."

Brooks receives the following amount of unearned money: $5,244 per year in taxpayer-provided rent money, $22,000 in taxpayer-provided tuition, and $12,000 per year in taxpayer-provided grants and stipends. In total, Duane Brooks gets $39,244 annually to attend his college music classes. On the other end of the spectrum, twenty-five percent of hard-working American families scrape by on less than $25,000 a year. What’s wrong with this picture?

Do-gooder social programs never live up to the good intentions on which they are built. Simply giving away money for nothing in return doesn’t create work ethic, it doesn’t create ambition, and it doesn’t create personal responsibility. However, it does create a dependant society of leeches, like Duane Brooks.

What do you think of Judge Judy’s response to Duane Brooks?

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