“Muslim Americans keep us safe.”

Okay, now that you are over your chuckle fit, and are ready to return to reading, this is not a laughing matter. 

Those words were not spoken by CAIR, or any other pro-Islam special interest group, or an Imam. Those words were spoken by President Obama at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

According to Obama, it is their positions in law enforcement, fire stations, and in the DHS, that makes them special.

It is radical Republicans who are trying to “marginalize law-abiding, patriotic Muslim Americans,” according to lap dog, Josh Earnest, automaton White House Press Secretary.

Really? Wouldn’t it be the radical Muslims, whom “moderate” Muslims refuse to condemn, who honor kill those that break one of the gazillion laws of Shariah? Isn’t it radical Muslims who set fire to people and property? Isn’t it radical Muslims that DHS is supposed to be trying to stop?

What patriotic contributions have Muslims made to this country? Anybody? Are they not trying to marginalize the Constitution, and in doing so the American people, in their attempts to establish the Shariah?

They have kept the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Marshalls, and law enforcement nation-wide in business. In that sense they are helping the job security aspect of our economy. There are more than 1,000 investigations into ISIS operating in this country!

As for President Pro-Islam’s speaking venue, the mosque, is supposedly part of a group of that allegedly has ties to terrorist groups.  Is the FBI investigating it? Or is the mosque hands-off because Manchild Messiah made the one-man unilateral determination to speak there?

This is getting scary. What is the end-game for Obama in all of this? What does he hope to accomplish by condoning the terrorist behavior of the radical Muslims among us? Why are they still here? Why secretly release terrorists from Guantanamo, give them a pat on the back, wish them a merry Allah-Akbar and ship them back to the battlefield?

Only you can decide for yourselves what President Disgrace and the Administration are up to in this regard. No matter which way you dice it, it is negligence and dereliction of duties on par with none.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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