In light of this past week being one making history in regards to law enforcement related violence many have chosen to show their support for the officers killed in the recent attacks. All over the country people are holding prayer meetings and vigils to pay their respects and show their support.

Gov. Abbot in Texas decided to show that Texas stands with officers by lighting up the Governor's Mansion blue in honor of the 5 officers that lost their lives in Dallas, Texas.

People would probably expect similar supporting action from the president of our nation, but they would be wrong.

It's not that there is no precedent for displays of support and solidarity. Obama has taken similar action in the past for various causes. One recent example was right after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriages, when Obama lit up the white house rainbow to show support for the LGBTQ community, back in June.

However, when 5 officers were slain Obama's reaction was much more lackluster, and did not hold a flame to the support that Gov. Abbot showed in Texas.

All that Obama did was hold the flag at half mast, but that's all. He didn't light up the White House. He didn't make any major speeches. He didn't show remorse.

It's almost as if the flag half mast was more obligatory than a real heartfelt display of sorrow for the officers slain, especially when that's all he did.

This type of behavior is right in line with Obama's past behavior in the White House. He has done nothing to deescalate the race relations and tension and anger towards the cops. Instead he just perpetuated the fallacy that the Police are unjustifiably targeting the innocent black youth in this country.

This is in reality a not so subtle middle finger to the police by showing so much support to the black community and every other other cause, while doing nothing when officers are gunned down in the streets.

It is truly saddening to see that the leader of our nation has so little respect for the men and women of country that risk, and sometimes give, their lives in order to keep us safe.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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