President Obama is the classic picture-book character—the little kid who waits until nobody is watching to stick his grubby little fingers into the cookie jar and snatch a few for himself.

Truly, there is no other fitting description. The only difference, and it is a rather elephant-in-the-room kind of difference, is that he snatches away our rights as Americans.

With every executive order, regulation, fiat, edict, veto, you name it, pen and phone in hand, Obama is a brat.

Like any good brat, the holidays are his favorite time to throw his willful-childlike tantrums.

Take for example, the piece written by James Gattuso, originally published via The Daily Signal, whereby he enlightens us all to the fact that Obama’s favorite time to monkey around with our rights and freedoms is just before a major holiday.

He is like the kid peaking around the corner waiting to see mommy kissing Santa Claus.

The president is required, by law, to state when he will be releasing his regulatory agenda. In keeping with his holiday fetish, Obama released the Fall 2015 agenda on November 23rd, just before Thanksgiving.

What’s in it remains to be seen, but at first glance, according to Gattuso, there are 2,000+ regulations, 144 of which will cost taxpayers $100-Million/regulation. If that is not a stocking stuffer nothing is! 

What on earth could he, or any of us, come up with that would require $14.4-Billion? You name it: from food labeling about how much we should be eating at Thanksgiving (seriously), to your dishwasher. It is mind-boggling to say the least.

The holidays are upon us folks and Santa Obama Claus is taking rather than giving-again.

Source: CNS News



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