Barack Obama is trying to convince everyone that it's been nothing but laughs and giggles since he became President. While he did assume office during the worst economic downturn in decades its pretty hard to understand his point of view. Many argue that the "Great Recession" could have been much shorter than it was.

Also, what policy did Obama institute that was not already under way by George W. Bush when he assumed office?

More from Opposing Views:

During a speech in Jacksonville, Florida, President Barack Obama said that anyone who says the U.S. isn't better off now than it was seven years ago is "not telling the truth."

"Anyone who says we’re not absolutely better off today than we were seven years ago, they’re not leveling with you," Obama said during the speech regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Feb. 26.

Obama visited Jacksonville to speak to attendees at the Saft America plant to highlight the benefits of the stimulus he signed into law seven years ago:

By almost every economic measure, we are significantly better off and Florida is significantly better off. Jacksonville is a whole lot better off. And if we don’t talk about why it is that things got better, then we may end up pursuing policies that’ll make things worse ... The future is built by the workers here at Saft.

It's very debatable that the economy is better off and looking at race relations after Obama's terms they clearly are much worse.

Do you think Obama has made the country better off that it was 7 years ago?



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