By now, we all know the story about the Texas Muslim kid who built the suitcase countdown timing device, the “clock”, and brought it to school. We learned his father is an Imam over in the Middle East and Islamist lobbyist over here. Almost immediately after hoax suitcase-bomb kid’s story hit the airwaves, he received an invitation to the White House.

What we learned was profound. President Obama doesn’t give a wit about fact. Nor does he care about real heroism. Take the story of Chris Harper-Mercer, the lunatic who went on a terrorist shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College, in Oregon, this past Thursday. Nine people were killed, mostly because they admitted to being a Christian, and others survived by being shot in the legs if they didn’t answer or said, “no” when asked of having faith.

Chris Mintz, son of America, military member, and student at the college laid his life on the line in an effort to stop the gunman. He blocked the door to Harper-Mercer’s entrance of a classroom. In doing so he was shot seven times, two of which broke both his legs. He will require surgery and will have to relearn how to walk.

This man is a hero. This man deserves Presidential recognition, praise, and a White House invitation. What does he get? Deafening silence. Why? Mintz is not an Islamic, Shariah Loving lobbyist. Mintz is not a black thug. Compound this with Mintz being a military veteran. Mintz is the trifecta of all things Obama hates. Particularly Mintz being a military member. Obama has a pattern of disregarding military members at all levels. A veteran is not worth his time, or our money. Just look at the VA.

In addition, Obama hates guns. He took his opportunity to calm a saddened nation, and give accolades to veteran and hero Mintz across the public airwaves, an instead took the opportunity as a crisis not to be wasted. Obama went after gun control. That’s right, our grassroots in the gutter campaigning president, began lobbying for gun control.

Chris Mintz, you deserve better. America recognizes you and apologizes for the disgrace sitting in the White House.

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