This week is the Democratic National Convention and liberal pundits from all walks of life will be strutting the stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trying to convince voters that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the country's best bet for president. Unfortunately, many in that convention hall don't believe that Clinton is the best candidate. And that's despite a nod from President Barack Obama that seems absolutely ridiculous in hindsight.

Obama spoke about Clinton's presidential ambitions on CBS's most popular news program, "Face the Nation." It was in that interview that Obama declared that he believes Clinton is the most prepared candidate that has ever run for president.

"I’ve said this before. I will say again. ... I genuinely believe that there has never been a candidate better prepared for the presidency than Hillary Clinton."

Even CBS, a media company notorious for being a pushover when it comes to pressing politicians, paused at Obama's statement. The interviewer prompted further, asking if Obama really thought Clinton was better prepared than Dwight Eisenhower, a man who led the Allied forces through the depths of WWII.

Obama quickly realized his gaffe and tried his best to backtrack.

"Well, I did — I said more prepared. ... I mean, you know, heading up the Allied Forces is pretty good training for the presidency."

Pretty good training, Mr. President? I'd say that's about the best training there is.

Obama still tried to backtrack further, saying that Clinton's "skill sets" are similar to the ones that Eisenhower and George Herbert Walker Bush possessed.

But his words remain, and in them the great lie that the Democrats are trying to pass off.

Sure, Clinton has some experience in politics, but it's absolutely turned her into a power-hungry monster. If there were ever any chance that Clinton could govern and govern fairly and honestly, even Democrats now know that's more than unlikely.

It's your time, Democrats. Don't vote for Clinton just because she's the Democratic nominee. You don't have to follow your party off the cliff!

h/t: Daily Caller

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