“Lessons learned” was indeed on President Trump's mind when his administration began making preparations well in advance of Hurricane Harvey’s unwelcome visit to Texas. The President had done his homework using both the Bush and Obama Administrations as a template of what “not to do” during a natural crisis.

The universal criticism of President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina and the administration’s lack of preparation became a political firestorm days following the disaster as floodwaters rose in New Orleans and in Louisiana.

Likewise President Obama’s outright indifference towards the catastrophic flooding in 2016 across the state of Louisiana that left over 40,000 Louisiana residents completely homeless in the wake of one of the states worst natural disasters, and Obama’s reluctance to actually visit the flood-ravaged site, was certainly the reason behind President Trump’s unprecedented response in getting the federal government positioned well in advance of the predicted devastation.

However, the back-story that the mainstream media isn’t reporting on is how former President Obama, is now using the heartbreaking devastation in Texas as a political wedge issue, by attempting to sabotage the president’s efforts in getting much-needed assists to the stricken state.

In a series of news headlines by Obama operatives within the media designed to undercut the president; “Trump’s bowled over by Harvey’s size and scale, not its impact on the victims. Trump’s rhetoric has retained its usual bombastic tone, expressing fascination with the hurricane’s size and singularity, rather than empathy for its victims.”

No doubt an interesting choice of words when it comes to “empathy for its victims” considering actual victims responded towards then President Obama in 2016 after the flooding in Louisiana that left 13-dead.

“He should pack his bags now, and pay a call on communities who need to know that in a national catastrophe, they are not alone,” the newspaper’s editors wrote in Baton Rogue.
“Its past time for the president to pay personal visit, showing his solidarity with suffering Americans,” they added. “The president’s presence is already late to this crisis, but it’s better late than never.”

In yet another news article: “Louisiana needs a Comforter-in-Chief — someone who can mobilize national attention on the plight of suffering people, if he can find time to raise money for Hillary Clinton on vacation – he can sure as heck make time for flood victims in the Deep South.”

“Lessons learned” indeed!

Do you think Obama is actively behind the “resistance movement” to undercut the president?

Source: Freedom Daily

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