The threat of radical Islamic extremism upon a civil society can take many forms. It can be as quick and as violent as two planes crashing into buildings creating a spectacular moment of death and destruction upon thousands of innocent lives, or it can be as methodical as a staged performance, with the executioner  dressed in black from head to toe holding a knife and peering out at the world on some serene beach, while slitting the throat of a kneeling and fear-stricken individual, or it can be a holy cleric smiling and standing at a podium in a mosque in a European or western capital publicly advocating tolerance and understanding while secretly preaching the hateful message of “jihad”.

Such is the world of Islam, and although “Freedom of Religion” is the bedrock upon which America resides, this threat to our nation’s security cannot be ignored and it is within this factual backdrop that a new 100 million dollar “mega mosque is being unveiled in Lanham, Maryland, and ironically within a short drive from where flight 93 crashed on September 11th 2001.

The mega-mosque sits on a 15-acre parcel of land and will be known as the  Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center and, according to reports;  “it “will likely become the largest and most striking examples of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere”.

Obviously America needs to be vigilant and although “freedom of religion” is indeed the bedrock upon which civil societies rests, it can also be our undoing, in that radical Islam uses our freedom as a pretext to infiltrate and then subjugate those societies it affects.

Italy a predominately Christian country understands all to well the dangers of radical Islam, they have no illusions, and now leaders from the Northern Italian region of Lombardy have passed a law that forbids any more mosques to be built while at the same time establishing monitoring for those mosques already in existence. Islam is the only major religion that is not recognized in Italy, so the new regulation is being referred to as the “anti-mosque law.”


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