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“Arrogant leadership is toxic to an organization. It looks like strength but is a debilitating weakness”-Ira Chaleff.

Perhaps within this simple yet insightful quote, that best describes this Administration’s lack of understanding, in that less than one month after the San Bernardino massacre that left 14 people dead at the hands of two radical Islamists, this administration is warning Congress that their efforts to tighten the Visa Waiver Program would be a breach of the Iran Nuclear Deal that the administration struck earlier this year.

One can’t help but ask themselves is this simply blind arrogance or perhaps something a lot more sinister?

In that FBI Director James Comey, in October, said that the intelligence communities do not have a way to screen terrorists out of incoming refugees and immigrants.

He explained that countries like Syria have no stable database with which the Obama administration can access in order to ensure that each person is who they say that they are, and that their intentions are not nefarious.

Moreover Obama’s obsession to use his executive powers to bypass congress and disarm law-abiding citizens, is simply another reason why American’s need to worry about this guys true agenda, and motives.

Thankfully congress is currently considering measures that would restrict the Visa Waiver Program in an effort to reduce the number of terrorists who are using the program as a means of entering the country.

There plan is to restrict entry to those who have visited countries that are considered to be terrorist hotbeds. One of those happens to be Iran, and they are not happy.

Source: Free Beacon


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