How is it that the FBI can ban interactive and cooperative activities with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), yet the organization can have a pow-wow with the POTUS in the White House?

The CAIR has ties to the radical Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and was in on the financing, via terror networks, in the case involving the Holy Land Foundation.  

Yet, they are welcomed into our White House and into our president’s embrace. For what purpose? To discuss the Islamophobia that is supposedly sweeping the nation in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terror attackes earlier this month.

Seriously?! President Obama cannot make time for the victims of the San Bernardino terror attack, aside from a potty-stop on his way to his “Mele Kalikimaka” vacation in Oahu, but he can for CAIR.  

Not only that, but he does it in secret. He hides behind his smoke-and-mirrors version of a “transparent” and open government to conduct whatever “business” he conducts behind closed doors on behalf of our great nation.

Never mind the fact that the Muslim Reform Movement, a group of moderate Muslims who speak out against terror were not invited. That would be a group one would think would be included in a discussion regarding discrimination toward Muslims. But, oh-no, not so.

Instead, Obama invites the very group that tried to pass the buck and somehow condone those two evil Jihadist bastards that killed 14 people and wounded a whole host of others in their attempt to spread the Caliphate.

Steve Emerson, (Investigative Project on Terrorism), asks, “Why would the White House include CAIR when FBI policy is to avoid the group?”

Why indeed. For that matter, where the heck was the FBI while B. Hussein O. was hosting his little tête-à-tête with the Fellowship-of-the-Jihad?

Source: Mad World News


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