President Barack “Kill-the-Constitution” Obama, has been running around for 7 years preaching to all of America how so very many among us want stricter gun control.

According to him and his bunk-science cohorts, it would seem that over half of all Americans despise guns. Being that those polls are scientific, meaning two people in a mainstream media news room asked each other, “do you want more control?” we are supposed to buy it lock-step.

Unfortunately for the entire left wing of America, the larger right wing doesn’t buy it.

Well, actually we do buy “it. We buy guns, and lots of them. In fact, the more Obama speaks, the more we buy. In doing so we have raised the gun industry’s investment worth for various mutual funds from $30-Million to right around $510-Million.

A lot of left-wingers who tell us we should not own guns own a large chunk of those investments. Including the president, albeit his investment is “meh” at best.

Smith & Wesson, Corporation and Sturm, Ruger & Company aren’t complaining. Courtesy of Obama’s slick talk, each of the companies is now worth about $1-Billion.  Ruger said “minimal due diligence” was all that was needed to see the handwriting on the wall—as in Obama talks, gun buyers shop. 

The more they cry “stop gun violence” the more of us join the NRA, learn how to shoot, and get our concealed carry permits. The heavier handed the fed gets, the more states opt for open-carry, on-campus carry, and training teachers to fire away if necessary.

The left will never learn. The more they try to destroy our rights, be they the First Amendment, Second Amendment, violate our Fourth Amendment, or any of the rest they more we “Cling to our God, and our guns.”

What we need the left to do right now, is to keep running their mouths, because it is working in our favor.

Source: Mad World News



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