America will be welcoming in thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees and our homeless veterans will remain on the street.

Syrian Muslims will be provided food and shelter, and our homeless veterans will get a cold curb and maybe a sandwich from a government authorized soup kitchen.

Syrian Muslims will receive tax payer funded health care to rival that of inmates, and our vets and our poor will go without or be relegated to “death marches” through the land of red-tape bureaucracy.

We have people here in America, numbering in the millions, who are homeless and the government turns a blind eye, and instead preaches about American compassion with respect to “refugee” men from countries of origin that are Islamic and might be sympathetic to ISIS.

While it is easy to sit around and blame Obama for our veterans’ situation, ultimately it is our fault and our lack of compassion.

Everyone thinks someone will step in to help, and in the end, none of us do, because like a welfare rat, we all sit around thinking the very government we don’t want interfering in our lives, should be the people to take care of the homeless, veterans or otherwise. How hypocritical of us.

As are all the churches who are supportive of the refugee influx.

They, first and foremost, should be taking care of Americans in need, and not turning a blind eye to the poverty problems in their own backyards.

The government works for us, so if we allow this to happen, then like any boss whose employee does something out of line, the blame and responsibility lies with the person in charge.

That would be us, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen.

Source: mrcTV


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