Not to be outdone by ignoring decades of a dictatorship murdering its people, Obama isn't stopping at Cuba with his plan to coddle terrorist groups. The Obama administration spent most of the moments heading into Christmas finding a way to remove a Muslim Brotherhood fronted terror group from the terror list.

Recently the United Arab Emirates named two American groups, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim American Society, to their terrorist watch list. The UAE's reasoning was based on a money trail that links both the Muslim American Society and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to the Muslim Brotherhood. The links were established, as documented by the Islamic Money in Politics database, by following bank account donations from the groups to individuals actively involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The reasoning behind Obama's administration working together with the two American based terrorist groups in getting their name off of the terror list is because Obama happens to be friends with at least one of the leaders of the groups. In fact, several of the group's higher staff has met in the White House a number of times to discuss their issues with senior White House staff. So, not only does Obama want to fight for a few terrorist groups when they kick him money, but he gives them better treatment than the real Americans who go out and fight for our country.

These groups are not friendly with the American people. Several leaders of these groups are known to have Hamas connections. Other leaders front money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Their evil goes further though. There are more than a handful of their leadership who was directly linked to terrorist related crimes. How direct was the link? Some of them were even convicted of terror related assaults.

If Obama can be easily bought off to the point of not only allowing these groups to remain off a terrorist list, but allow them access to the White House, then what does that say about his stance on terror? What does that say about his dedication to the men and women who gave their lives to protect our great land? Obama is not new to dishonoring our vets, his use of a Congressional Medal of Honor ceremony as a P.R. event showed that, but just how far is Obama willing to bow to terrorist groups for a buck? Is it just his administration for sale or is he trying to sell the rest of the country, along with his dignity, in his final months in office.


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