For over two centuries, American presidents have welcomed their successors with two things – a vow to be circumspect if not silent in criticism of them and the gift of having Washington D.C. all to themselves.

In fact, most presidents from George Washington – who would have preferred serving only a single term so he could return to his beloved Mount Vernon in Virginia, to Harry Truman – who piled into a used car and spent a year driving – behind the wheel and on his own dime – around the country with his wife, Bess, who had hated D.C. from the start, have hardly waited for the inaugural parades to start before leaving town.

But that time honored tradition has been broken as former President Barack Obama has officially settled in as a long term resident in D.C. just months after his successor, Republican Donald Trump was sworn in on the steps of the Capitol.

The Obamas rented a home in the same neighborhood as presidential daughter Ivanka Trump and her family, but after the former president ordered a brick wall built surrounding the 9,000 square foot house, rumors circulated that he intended to take up permanent residence.

Now, after six months of vacation getaways across Europe and the Pacific, the Obamas look ready to settle into D.C. life again, presenting themselves as a focal point of both ‘the resistance’ against the Trump administration, and Democrat plans to take back Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020.

Obama has been a vocal critic of President Trump, most recently on his rescission of DACA – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty policy the former president put into place during the presidential election of 2012 despite repeatedly acknowledging that he lacked the power to do so.

Public records show the house in the tony Kalorma neighborhood was purchased by Homefront Holdings LLC, a limited liability company controlled by the Obamas, for $8.1 million.

The previous owner, Joe Lockhart, who was a press secretary in the Clinton administration, realized a tidy $2.80 million profit on the property, after owning it only three years.

As with all real estate, the most important thing is: location, location, location, and with the Obamas’ new address just two miles from the White House, they look to continue to make their presence felt in the nation’s capital for a long time.

Do you think former President Obama intends to set up a 'shadow' government in Washington D.C. during the Trump administration?

Source: Daily Mail

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