Russia was distraught and outraged over the recent shooting in Turkey that took the life of the Russian ambassador there. The shooter was a Muslim terrorist, which makes it all the more concerning when you look at the other simultaneous terrorist attack that took place that day in Germany at a Christmas market.

Now, this would have been a good time for Obama to make a statement offering his condolences to Vladimir Putin and to those in Germany who lost friends and family in the brutal attack, but that would have meant taking time out of his busy schedule and getting a bit too close to condemning Muslim terrorists, who Obama is almost convinced do not exist.

A leader is truly tested when they are faced with tragedy, and it is most telling of their true character through their response to this tragedy. Most of us remember when American journalist James Fowley was beheaded by ISIS militants and his brutal execution broadcast around the world.

Most were very disturbed by this tragedy. If Obama felt this way he made sure not to show it. He put on a brave face and marched right on to the back nine to get a few more swings in while the rest of the country and the world mourned Fowley's death.

This seems to be Obama's go to response when the world faces tragedy at the hands of radical Muslim terrorists. So, it's no surprise that when the dual terrorist attacks, the one in Turkey that killed the Russian ambassador, and the one in Germany at the Christmas market that left 12 dead and another 48 injured, Obama did what he does best in these scenarios, practiced his backswing.

He went right back to the golf course in Hawaii where he was vacationing to continue his tay in paradise while the world around him rages in chaos, partly as a result of his lackadaisical attitude for the past 8 years on the growing Islamic terrorism threat.

Obama has already been straining our relations with Russia, constantly egging them on accusing them of hacking into American systems and interfering with the presidential election.

The least he could do would be to pay his respects to those who have lost people during these two terrorist attacks, but instead, he's sticking his nose up Putin and seeing how much he can get away with before Putin has had enough of his blatant disrespect.

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Source: Mediaite

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