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As volunteers of all ages from Boy Scouts to elderly veterans placed flags on the graves of soldiers in cemeteries all across America, President Obama stood in Hiroshima, Japan “honoring,” in his own words, “all those who were lost in World War II.”


Obama attended the most prestigious school in Hawaii, going on to an Ivy League education at Columbia and Harvard. He is a published author and has a fleet of speechwriters at his disposal, so it must be presumed that he chooses his words with precision and care.


The American president, at the start of the holiday set aside to honor the fallen soldiers who died for his freedom to speak and the very freedom he has to serve, could have made his statement decrying nuclear war in the capital of Japan, but he chose to go to Hiroshima, the site where the U.S. deployed the first atomic bomb to bring World War II to an end.


That includes Japanese pilots who bombed the clearly marked hospital ship Manunda docked in harbor in Darwin, Australia killing patients, doctors, and nurses in addition to the crew.

… submarine pilots who torpedoed the hospital ship Centaur, killing 268 and plunging the few who survived into shark-infested waters.

… soldiers who forced 200,000 captive women and girls into sexual slavery to serve as “Comfort Women.”

… soldiers who conducted the six-week rape of an entire Chinese city of 250,000, torturing and slaughtering innocents, including infants used for bayonet “practice” in front of their mothers.

… soldiers who led American and Filipino prisoners of war on the 100-mile Bataan Death March, starving, beating, and brutalizing them, prohibiting them to assist each other as their comrades fell.

… soldiers who cannibalized prisoners of war along the Kokoda Track.

President Franklin Roosevelt stirred the nation to respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and President Harry Truman made the decision over four years later to save Japanese, as well as American lives in ending the war.

Barack Obama chose instead to erase the distinction between aggressor and victim, and bestow his own hollow honor on them in a common grave where no flag flies to remember the sacrifice of his countrymen who fought and died for his right to exist.

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