The Commander-in-Chief of questionable nationality, religion, and political orientation is at it once again.

This time, President Barack Hussein Obama is directing his attacks at the church and what he considers much ado about foundational issues like traditional marriage and the unborn.

He thinks faith-based groups instead should follow the example of government and focus more on charitable giving.

As if religious non-profits haven't given enough.

You see, Obama, according to his own self-proclaimed "Christian faith," believes in such "Christian" ideals as gay marriage and abortion on demand - two deviant practices that are profoundly destructive to the traditional family.

He thinks faith-based groups should just shut up and share in these wonderful family values and give and give and give.

"I think it would be powerful for our faith-based organizations to speak out on (poverty) in a more forceful fashion," Obama was quoted during a - guess what? - panel discussion on poverty sponsored by the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit at Georgetown University.

The traditional church - untainted by leftist politics - has been and remains an important pillar of society. It advocates charitable giving - not dependency on government. It promotes the productive institution of marriage between a man and woman as the primary agency for instilling society's core values.

It seems Obama isn't that concerned about marriage - unless it's gay marriage. Only then does it get his full attention and support. His indifference toward late-term abortion speaks volumes about the sanctity of life.

Each year, faith-based organizations and private individuals give millions to the truly needy while the government takes millions from taxpayers and doles it out based on politics, not concern for the underprivileged.

In some U.S. cities, it's now a crime to feed the homeless or the practice has been restricted. Or, you have to pay a fee in order to feed the hungry and downtrodden.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, "since the start of 2013, 21 cities have imposed measures to restrict people from sharing food with the needy in public. In downtown Manchester, N.H., for example, churchgoers have been prohibited from distributing food to homeless people in a local park in a residential area. In Raleigh, North Carolina, local humanitarians have reportedly been banned from giving meals to the needy in city parks without first getting a temporary special permit that costs some $1,600 per weekend," according to the UK Guardian newspaper.

Where is Obama's concern for these poor unfortunates - society's most vulnerable?

Oh, we're sorry, they don't vote.

h/t FreedomOutpost

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