For all of President Obama's posturing that his nuclear deal with Iran will usher in a new wave of peace and prosperity for the Middle East all that's resulted is a lot of backtracking from the Iranians and an increase in their demands as well. President Obama, instead of standing strong by his policies, is rushing to deliver on Iran's latest demands.

Those most recent demands include, among other things, access to $150 billion of U.S. cash so that the "struggling" Iran can get back on its feet. Aside from the money, the largest sticking point for Iranian ministers and those involved in the deal are the sanctions that are still in place and which will still have the power to hurt Iran.

In response to this far-fetched plea from the Iranians, Obama has done what everyone expected him to do--he's caved in.

Instead of standing up to the Iranians and telling them that they would receive what the U.S. wanted them to, he has written to the governors of all the states in America, asking them to remove individual state sanctions against Iran and its products and services.

The only problem is, Iran is still a major sponsor of global terror.

If you have any doubts, just look at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a group that hunts down money-laundering and other illegal financial measures. They aren't happy that the U.S. is opening the door for Iran again. In fact, they're urging businesses under their jurisdiction to "apply effective counter-measures" to fight against Iranian risk.

So what is Obama doing?

He's opening the way for Iran to access their $150 billion in a money clearinghouse in Hong Kong.

What a legacy.

Instead of standing strong to Iran's continued demands, President Obama has proved that he has no plan or guiding policy when it comes to foreign relations. He's just making it all up as he goes.

And he's doing a terrible job.

h/t: New York Post

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