U.S. President Obama is in England urging voters to reject the so-called “Brexit,” a proposal that would see the country leave the European Union (EU) amid escalating economic woes and increasing tensions caused by the unprecedented flood of Muslim migrants across the continent, but in between visits with the Queen and the younger royals, expressing his support of the LGBT agenda, and presenting a list of his accomplishments – he found time to play a round of golf.

After the president and Prime Minister David Cameron, who strongly favors remaining in the EU, held a joint press conference in which Obama praised his nuclear weapons deal with Iran and took credit for “saving the world economy from depression,”  the two leaders took to the links at one of the country’s most exclusive golf courses, The Grove, in typically damp and breezy English spring weather.

It is no secret that Obama loves golf, seizing every opportunity to play regardless of circumstances, such as when he sped off in a golf cart minutes after commenting on the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS.

This was Obama’s first round of golf on foreign soil during an official visit.

Reporters were close enough to the action for Obama to yell out to them, “Did you see that?” as what looked to be an easy putt on the third hole circled harmlessly and failed to drop.

The president joked that he was “robbed,” eventually emerging as the winner against Cameron, who is better known as a tennis player than golfer.

Obama sandwiched the visit in between trips to Saudi Arabia and Germany on what the press is calling his “farewell tour” coming just months before the end of his second term.

He has come in for criticism from some in the British press, as well as voters who see his visit and support of a “No” vote as unwelcome interference.

Next, the president heads to Germany the day after 20,000 demonstrators took to the streets protesting a proposed US-Europe trade agreement.

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