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There’s no doubt that when it come to protocol or reverence for America’s institutions, this president is “light-years” away from that of former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her beloved “Ronny.”

This president is simply the most argent, disrespectful and classless individual to ever occupy the White House, hands down!

Moreover in almost every aspect the Obama Presidency is a total contrast to that of President of Reagan’s, and perhaps there lies the rub or perhaps the snub by this incompetent, thin-skinned and weak individual, simply put President Reagan was everything that Obama is not.

When President Reagan left the White House in December of 1988, his last job approval rating before he left office was 63%, a far cry from this disaster currently residing within the White House.

However not attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral actually pales in comparison, in that no president in history has ever “not attended” the funeral of a sitting Supreme Court Justice, as was the case with Justice Antonin Scalia.

Perhaps what is even more disturbing was that Obama simply decided not to attend, a true classless act by any standard.

This time around Obama’s apparent excuse and snub of the Former First Lady’s funeral was due to a scheduled event, his appearance on Friday at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Texas….”yes” a festival!

Do you think Obama doesn't have the class necessary to be President?

h/t: Young Cons



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