Emperor--er, President, Obama is at it again. No other president in the history of our country has taken the presidential liberties that he has and gotten away with it. This time it's merely a continuation of something that Obama started some time ago: letting unvetted Muslim refugees pour into the United States of America.

Thanks to policies and procedures that have been dumbed down and sped up, over 100 Muslim refugees have beenĀ admitted into the United States per day in the month of June. That's 1,300 and counting, just in June.

In all of the 2016 fiscal year, only about 3,700 refugees were admitted into the country. The reason for the huge influx all has to do with Obama.

Obama has sped up the vetting procedures that all immigrants must undergo to gain entry into the U.S. What used to take 18 months to two years now takes just three months, thanks to a government-created "refugee surge center" that pushes the applications through with the express purpose of bringing as many refugees into this country as possible.

President Obama has decreed that he wants to give 10,000 Syrians a home in the United States by the end of September. That goal, though laughable some months ago, seems even closer to reaching its fulfilment.

Obama's actions beg the question--does he even know what's happened across the world as these Muslim refugees have come pouring in?

I'm the first to admit that we need to reach out and help the refugees. Let's send care packages, water, food, clothing, even money if we have it. But let's not bring people over by the boatload.

We've seen the rapings, the entitlement, and the violence that come from giving free rein to the immigrants. We need more strictures and concerns regarding these immigrants, not less.

Obama, it's time you stopped making decrees. We're tired and done with you. Give it a rest.

h/t: Breitbart

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