After the world joined forces to protest against the Islamic terrorists who slaughtered the workers and people of Charlie Hedbo, the world turned its eyes towards its leader, the United States, and was ashamed of what it saw. Our Muslim President spent a lot of time denouncing the Bible while showering praise upon praise on the Koran.

A video circulated from CNN archives shows the president not only praising the Koran countless times, but mocking and denouncing the Holy Bible verse by verse. He uses his hatred against the Bible as a platform to attack the new Congress and even our troops. Some of his more blatant attacks on the faith of his citizens included stating the Bible was the base for Slavery in the US.

He went on to express, in the same statement, that Jesus Christ was anti-American with His sermons. To top it all off, he stated that the Bible preaches killing your kids if they don't believe in the Bible.

I'm not sure which Bible Obama has, but doesn't the last one sound a lot like the Islamic hate spewing Koran? Maybe if Obama actually attended the church he claims to be a member of, he would know a bit more about the Bible and its Word.

As a Christian Nation, we should all be offended at the Muslim President desecrating our beliefs and bolstering the beliefs of the enemy. It is no wonder that the terrorists still kill innocent people. They know that the leader of the world, the man we are unfortunate enough to call 'President', is their brother in faith and arms.



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