We all know just how supportive and enthusiastic the Obama and his horde of liberals have been about the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's plans to build a wall and secure our borders have been. All they have wanted to do was help and give funds to help our nation protect our borders and defend against the rampant crime, violence and terrorism that seeps across every day. Oh wait, no, they have actually been doing the exact opposite.

In actuality these moronic Democrats led by their fearful leader Barack Obama have fought this wall at every turn, labeling it 'bigoted', 'racist', and a complete 'waste' of American money.

Well you won't believe what Obama is doing now.

Border walls are apparently only bad if they exist to protect our country. In other countries, however, Obama is fully on board.

One nation in particular has not only gained Obama's full hearted support, and he's doing more than just cheerleading, he's going to pay for it with taxpayer money.

In typical Obama fashion it was announced quietly that an official in Tunisia that is part of the U.S. diplomatic mission would start doling out the first payments of a $24.9 million project to 'strengthen the border' between Libya and Tunisia.

Libya has all but collapsed after Moammar Gadhafi was removed from power and now become a safe haven for Islamic extremists.

The goal of the project is to install high tech electronic surveillance systems across the entirety of the 125-mile-portion of the border.

In addition to high tech system Obama plans on spending taxpayer dollars on training security personnel to be able to operate the equipment.

So what this means is not only will Obama and the rest of the liberals fight Trump to the very end when he tries to defend our country and build a wall to protect our borders but he is willing to spend our hard earned cash to do the exact same thing in another country.

This is disgustingly hypocritical but after the shenanigans that Obama has pulled over the past few years I doubt anyone is too surprised.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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