It seems that the Imperial Presidency is at it again, this time where it counts the most, in the pocketbook by using his executive powers to once again circumvent congress by suggesting he can raise taxes with the stroke of a pen, by the same method used in granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through his immigration “reforms”, however this one is slated to send tax rates through the roof, with an array of tax hikes and the elimination of “tax loopholes combined with an assortment of punitive measures that will affect every working man and woman, and also retirees.

Ironically the proposal for increase tax hikes didn’t begin in the White House, but rather the brain child of Sen. Berne Sanders who asked the President to raise over $100 billion in taxes through IRS executive action, however even the IRS is traditionally reluctant to act by fiat, in that up until now, tax laws are passed by Congress and administered by the IRS and Treasury Department.

However that didn’t stop Sanders from claiming that his only goal was to eliminate corporate tax loopholes, rather than implementing new taxes, and of course Obama was pleased to once again use (although questionable) his executive powers. However when reporters questioned White House spokesmen Jose Earnest about the Sanders proposal he attempted to dodge the question by saying “the president’s ability to use executive authority to move the country in the right direction is always a possibility.” And he went on to say: “the President is “very interested” in raising taxes through executive action”.

However there seems to be something else within Obama’s plan other than simply raising taxes on working individuals and eliminating corporate tax loopholes, he also wants to increase taxes on retirement savings, and limit the amount of money put into a retirement savings account and to change the “independent contractor” classification to that of “employee” so that the IRS would have more power within that reclassification to mandate ObamaCare sounds familiar?

He’s also proposing more stringent controls on how businesses report purchases for good and services limiting them to $600, and anything above that number those businesses would be required to collect the providers taxpayer identification number and check it with the IRS, and if number doesn’t check out that business would have to withhold 15-35% of the payments, and forward them to the IRS.

Obviously we’ve already experienced this administrations lawless overreaching by using any dubious means at its disposal; however the danger of an Imperial Presidency is once executive privilege is used without restriction then we stop being a nation of laws.



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