President Obama and his friends, he really does not know how to pick them, or does he? For sake of politics, we will say, he certainly cannot. From terrorist Bill Ayers, tax cheat and serial sensationalist liar Al Sharpton, white/America hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and commie Frank Davis, it is safe to say he has some radical friends.

Well, throughout 2008 and "forward", he has managed to weave, bob, and run from every one of these looney tune friends of his. Yet, according to Gawker, he actually was spotted hanging out with one of those people who were little more than a guy his in neighborhood.

Despite vehemently denying Bill Ayers almost as much as Peter denied Jesus, even though he launched his presidential campaign from Ayers and his significant other's home, he is still paling around with the former terrorist. The Daily Caller gave an in-depth report on the subject back when the President was still denying him.

It all took place August, 2014, which certainly raises some eyebrows as to why you were not aware of it. Gawker exclaims that it was "widely reported".

However, they and many outlets, are reporting about it now. In any case, why was Commander-In-Chief hanging out with domestic terrorists that he allegedly does not know? They happened to be at the same wedding.

They both went to the wedding of MSNBC host Alex Wagner, who was marrying former White House chef Sam Kass. Apparently President Obama, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn, all just happen to know the happy couple. For reference sake, Ayers and Dohrn, were part a radical domestic terror group known as the Weather Underground back in the 1970s and 1980s.

So, naturally, the leftist media praises President Obama for being all " I do not give a *bleep*". No, literally, that is something that was said.

"...the most interesting thing about the wedding is the shocking proof it offers that—at long last!—Obama truly no longer gives a **** about keeping up political appearances."

Oh, how cool! We denied that he hung out with terrorists in 2008, but now he is not denying it, Yay! Isn't he so hip and cool? He defies his enemies by hanging out with radicals and terrorists, like he claimed he did not...

In any case, of course, the White House, MSNBC, and the married couple refused to comment about the wedding pow-wow. However, if the President's swooning fan base is admitting it happened and it is so cool, it obviously did.

The irony in all this, is that the secret service is not supposed to allow convicted criminals near the president. The cherry-on-top of all this, Ayers and Dohrn have publicly criticized President Obama and the U.S. Government for being "War Criminals". Mr. Obama's domestic terrorist pals bombed U.S. Government and bank buildings in the past over the same issue.

Now, to be fair, we apparently can not confirm that they conversed, danced, joked, laughed, or even sneezed on each other. Although, 7 years ago, it was just coincidence that Ayers held Obama's campaign in his living room. He did not know Ayers. I suppose this is also coincidence and he still does not know the man.

Did anyone hear a rooster crow three times?

What are your thoughts? Was it mere coincidence that Obama and Ayers keep "bumping" into each other?

Leave your comments below.


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