Ever since Obama first step foot in office he's had one main goal in mind, the set a legacy for himself that would last well after he was out of office and he could always be remembered by. well, it would seem that he's done that, but it's not at all the legacy that he wanted, and now that he knows the truth he's absolutely outraged.

Obama ran on the platform of 'change,' but in the 8 years that he has been in office he hasn't made a single positive change. In fact, the only real changes that Obama has mad include effectively doubling our national debt, taking more of everybody's hard-earned income, and lowering the race relations in our country to a point that we haven't seen in years.

Obama prides himself on his 'accomplishments' like the Obamacare disaster and Michelle Obama's school lunch reform. Yet, regardless of what you think of these programs, it seems Obama won't be remembered for any of them.

Instead, it seems the only thing Barrack Obama will be remembered for is being the man who gave Republican’s full control of the government.

The real Obama legacy he leaves behind is:

A Republican President

Republican Vice President

Republican control of the Senate

Republican control of the House

Republican control of 31 state houses

A majority of Republican governors

=====> 36 of 50!

So it seems Obama is a historical president after all. This type of 'turn-over' since 1928. It's being called one of the biggest unofficial American revolution in a long time.

The American people were forced to do this because Obama put us down such a dangerous path, we had to correct it.

We can only hope that Trump can fix the damage that Obama has done to this country and make America great again.

Source: Mad World News

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