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It’s not very often that local politicians take a principled stand against a powerful federal government using an incident to score political taking points; however that may be exactly what might be taking place in Douglas County, the tragic site of the mass murders.

David Jaques the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon said in an interview that President Obama would in all likelihood not be welcome to the town after he used this tragedy for his own political agenda.

Saying; “Any visit by the President would be “a campaign stop for his agenda to take away American citizen’s right to own firearms”.

Jaques also said the region is proud of Sheriff John Hanlin, who he said “put the administration on notice that if you pass any laws, edicts or executive actions that are either unconstitutional or extra-constitutional, they will not be enforced in Douglas County.”

Needless to say Sheriff Hanlin’s letter to Vice President Biden opposing any new gun control legislation set off a fire storm among the progressive mainstream media elite

However, what seems apparent is that Obama’s thoughtless remarks in his attempt to politicize the tragedy, has hit an emotionally raw nerve within the community, and he’s simply not welcome, astoundingly even from those politicians within his own party.

Source: Conservative Post


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