Most well-informed individuals have always believed that there are hidden forces just beneath the service of our government; some call it a “shadow government” others refer to it as “deep-state” of powerful international and extremely influential individuals who have their own political agenda, regardless of who’s in power.

However the historic and unprecedented win of Donald Trump (a civilian) changed the entire equation for the political class, and those hidden forces who work in consort with both political parties, in their desire to achieve a “one world order” is slowly being unraveled, as demonstrated by the unprecedented attempt by the former president to willfully undermine the current administration, by openly using and abusing the political apparatus of government, namely the FBI, CIA, and the NSA.

And the most prominent political disciple of a one world government concept is none other than our former President Barack Obama, along with several European leaders who are striving for “no borders” thus the open migration of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Moreover, the announcement that Obama would be appearing along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a panel discussion regarding global democratic responsibilities, simply reaffirms what’s at stake.

According to the German Protestant Kirchentag, the former president will appear May 25 along with Merkel discussing the issues of globalization which is being billed as “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally.”

The conference hosted by the Evangelical Church in Germany along with Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, said: “President Barack Obama’s attending the Kirchentag in Berlin, which will ring in the Reformation Summer, underlines the international character of our 500th anniversary celebrations.”

He continued; “The churches form a global civil society network of over two billion Christians. Together, as people of faith, we live from the firm hope for a better world,” he added. “Anyone who is pious also has to be politically minded. I am looking forward to enthusiastic debates during the Reformation Summer 2017.”

The festivities outwardly seems harmless enough, two world leaders and genuine friends meeting to discuss a “better world” however then you realize the wide gap that exists between President Trump and the German Chancellor regarding immigration and the president's commitment to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” and his America first policies, turning 360-degrees away from the Obama Doctrine of a “one world order government” and perhaps that “shadow government” lurking just beneath the service isn't simply a rumor.

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Source: Breitbart

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