Is this what you would call US interference in the presidential election in Kenya?

Barack Obama, the former US president who won't go away quietly, shored up his shadow presidency this week in calling upon all Kenyans to say no to tribal killing ahead of national elections.

"I urge Kenyan leaders to reject violence and incitement; respect the will of the people," Obama said in a statement. "In Kenya's election, we have already seen too much incitement and appeals based on fear from all sides. But I also know that the Kenyan people as a whole will be the losers if there is a descent into violence."

If Vladimir Putin had said words to the same effect prior to the US election in 2016, we'd never hear the end of it in congress and the media.

According to the Daily Mail, Tuesday's elections "pit President Uhuru Kenyatta against his historic rival Raila Odinga, who has run for president thrice and lost each time. The polls are seen as a test of Kenya's progress since a disputed 2007 election sparked two months of violence which left more than 1,100 dead and 600,000 displaced."

In other words, Kenyans are just dying for their "democracy" and are hoping that the new bosses won't be the same as the old bosses the next go around.

Kenya holds a special place in Obama's heart. Many would argue he was born with it. As a man of peace, Obama, who only dropped 26,171 bombs as president in 2016, wants only for Kenyans to avoid the bloodshed of the 2007 election:

"I urge all Kenyans to work for an election -- and the aftermath -- that is peaceful and credible, reinforcing confidence in your new Constitution and the future of your country," Obama said.

That's great for Kenya. What about the other countries Obama's ruined?

Do you think former President Obama should mind his own business and stay out of the elections of other countries? Tell us what you think he should do in the comment section below.

Source: Daily Mail

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