The United States’ Thug-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, has issued yet another fiat.

This time in the form of a threat, and he is using the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as his Guido, baseball bat in hand, to go break the legs of those states who don’t want to take in Syrian refugees.

How so? By telling them that they MUST issue welfare benefits, specifically food stamps to the incoming poorly vetted, for all intents and purposes, White House smuggled illegal aliens originating from Syria and elsewhere in the 7th century Islamic Jihadi-driven Middle East.

Where else? Who else? Certainly not Americans suffering the effects of Obama and his past 7 years of tyrannical policies first-hand.

“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” wrote Associate Administration of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-USDA) wrote.

So as to comply with Civil Rights, which who knew applied to non-citizens? Heck, we can’t get them evenly applied to US citizens across the board!

This threat was levied by the fed in response to Georgia saying no to Obama’s forced influx of Syrian refugees to wherever he sees fit.

Georgia put a stop to “any involvement in resettling refugees,” courtesy of Governor Nation Deal (11-16-2015 Executive Order of his own). Bravo to him, and here is to hoping more Governors do the same.

While Obama wants his precious Islamist-possible-Jihadists in-country, 54-percent of people on Planet America do not, to include 50+% of states.

We want our own people taken care of first; veterans, homeless veterans, homeless in general, our own widows and orphans, those on welfare, and so forth.

This country cannot take care of US citizens properly. How does Obama suggest we do better for non-citizens?

Legality and over-reach aside, what Obama proposes is abusive toward America and abusive toward non-Jihadi refugees because he will make them as worse, if not worse off, than they already are.

Then again, it gives him even more people and masses to control like the textbook megalomaniac he is.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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