President Obama is at it again. He is completely overlooking the fact that Chris Harper-Mercer was a lunatic with a mission to kill, and is instead seeing the gun as having waltzed through the classrooms discharging itself with murder as its goal. He comforts no one. He politicizes the situation and goes after the 2nd Amendment.

Following his disregard for the Oregon community, he ignored the fact that in his home state of Illinois, the City of Chicago has witnessed “…the deadliest month in years,” that being September. Sixty people were murdered, yet the most restrictive gun laws in the nation helped no one.

Nationwide, twenty-thousand-plus ridiculous gun laws already on the books that open legal gun owners, and those that legally carry, to breaking a law of some sort, every minute of every day, and do not stop criminals from getting guns and committing heinous crimes.

Obama doesn’t get it. Criminals typically do not come by their guns via legal means. They are criminals. The mentally deranged, like Mercer, generally get their guns by some illegal or dishonest means. Sure, every so often a bad guy slips through the cracks during the background check process.

Guns do not kill people. Nuts, gun in hand, kill people. Legal gun owners protect life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, of themselves and on occasion others, and sometimes they do kill the nuts, with guns.

Obama, what is wrong with that? What do you have against people defending themselves? Why are you hell-bent on arming criminals?

If you want to prevent gun violence then get out of the way of law abiding citizens owning guns. Guaranteed the criminals will rethink their plans

Source: Mad World News


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