President Barack Obama may be the lamest lame duck president that we've seen yet. He's taken extensive vacation time these last several months, and now he's attempting to cut the very thing that is protecting our security and stability more than anything else: the U.S. military.

Obama is rolling out measures through the Department of Defense which would cut 25,000 soldiers from the military and bring down our total fighting force.

"The debate about the size of the Army may well continue into the next Congress, as the Department of Defense plans further reductions in the size of the Army, proposing FY2018 end strength of 450,000."

That's text from a new DOD report that is planning to the United States Army from 475,000 troops to 450,000. While a reduction of 25,000 troops may not seem like a lot, running the numbers shows that such a reduction would place the Army's troop numbers at the lowest number in decades.

The House of Representatives, meanwhile, is introducing measures to increase the size of the Army by 5,000 troops. The Senate, on the other hand, also wants a reduction, but only of 15,000 troops instead of the Obama-planned 25,000.

Army commanders, however, recognize that a large army is important to protect our country. As General Mark Milley, the Army's chief of staff told Congress, "In light of the threats confronting our nation, to include Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS, the Army has accepted high military risk to meet the requirements of the National Security Strategy and the Defense Planning Guidance."

Obama, meanwhile, isn't prepared to accept any risk by increasing the size of the Army.

"Adding unnecessary end strength in the manner proposed in the bill would invite a significant, unacceptable risk of creating a future hollow force," said an Obama spokesperson.

But with China increasing pressure in the South China Sea, and North Korea flexing its nuclear muscles, a stronger army, even at a little risk, is definitely the way to go.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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