The guy is a moron. He is an infuriating moron. Only an idiot would visit the Arctic Circle in summer and claim it’s kinda hot up here. That is, however, exactly what our dear leader, President Obama did.

In a comical display of pensive and deep thoughtful reflection while tooling along a glacier with sign posts as to the glacial retreat occurring at that point, he remarked as to the lack of ice; “This is as good a signpost of what we're dealing with on climate change as just about anything.”

He forgot to mention that our economy and our laughing stock position in the world is as good a signpost of what we’re dealing with on a moronic dictator in charge of our country as just about anything.

Did anybody notice how it’s so hot up there that Obama had to layer up? Button down collared shirt, under a sweater, under another button down shirt.

Is that what someone wears when trying to sell the world on a polar ice cap melting heat wave?

Apparently so, because Obama thinks that the world will be swimming in a rising sea of melted polar caps unless he does something about it.

That something would be throwing money at the problem. By taking your money and putting it in someone else’s pocket. Any excuse to share the wealth.
He is a climate change televangelist.

He obviously has not spent any time studying science and the various ice-ages and warm periods that have defined life on planet earth over the eons.

That or he does not care and is lying.
In truth, it is probably a combination of both, with emphasis on the latter.

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