It is hard to believe that with every tidbit or news regarding the let’s-arm-the-enemy-Iran deal that it could get worse than it is.

The latest news, is that the deal will require Iran’s nuclear facilities, Parchin being the most important at the moment, be inspected. Here is the kicker. The deal let’s Iran inspect itself!

This is the best Obama and Kerry could do? Our hostages sit there, we give Iran a bunch of money, they threaten to rain fire down on the US, as in nuclear war, AND we are going to let them inspect themselves for nuclear bomb making evidence.

What are we? The nerd in school that gets wedgied and squeezed for lunch money, pays up, only to be wedgied and sqeezed for more cash the next day? It sure is looking like it.

Charles Krauthammer, notable author and political pundit, reflected on this newest aspect of the Iran-extortion deal and had this to say as part of his appearance on Fox News’ ‘Special Report’; “This is wired in advance, and that's what makes it important, scandalous and farcical all at once.” He went on to say that “It’s hard to know what further could be done to make the deal as scandalous as it is.”

He is absolutely right. Obama and Kerry could not have shot themselves in the foot much more, or embarrassed our country much more than they have.

In addition to the four prisoner in Iran, they have now handed the entire country to Iran as one of the biggest hostage transfers the world has ever known.

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