Why is it that President Obama has such a hard time with the truth? Why can’t the man bring himself to admit that our nation is at war with radical Islam? Why can’t he call Muslim terrorism what it is?

Why can’t he call out and address ISIS directly and tell them our nation is coming for them and will avenge every American who has died at their hands?


There is no logical answer, but suffice it to say that Obama’s game of charades goes on and on when it comes to defending radical Islam and kicking Americans in front of, and under, the bus.

The Defense Department reported on the of United States Navy SEAL Charlie Keating, IV as that of a “combat death,” according to Ashton Carter. The nation, having suffered the loss of far too many American heroes, awaited word from the White House.


Our president has yet to recognize the man’s slaughter at the hands of ISIS. When queried about the situation, White House Press Secretary, John Earnest, said, “I can tell you the president has been briefed on this incident, and everyone here at the White House, including the first family, extends our condolences to the family of the service member that was killed today in northern Iraq.”

Keating is the third service member killed during the no-boots-on-the-ground, boots-are-on-the-ground operation known as Operation Inherent Resolve. You see, Obama can’t recognize or speak to Keating’s death without admitting he lied, yet again, with respect to how this war is being fought.

Meaning, if he says Keating was killed in combat, Obama admits that boots are on-the-ground. Truth eludes the man.

What is going on? Why with all the awesome firepower and air-assault power in the world to level ISIS are we still playing tiddly-winks with our servicemen and women’s lives?

Until Obama is out of office we will never know the answers to our questions regarding how this war is being fought.

For now, all we can do as a nation is thank the Keating family for the ultimate sacrifice Charlie paid in keeping us free.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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