On the same day FBI Director James Comey read a lengthy indictment of the practices of the presumptive Democrat candidate for the presidency and then announced his decision to forego recommending prosecution for those acts, President Obama doubled-down on his endorsement.

Director Comey spent nearly 15-minutes delivering a point by point, item by item refutation of every claim Hillary Clinton made with respect to her handling of the nation’s business, including highly classified material, concluding that she had acted with “extreme recklessness” while serving as Obama’s first Secretary of State.

The FBI head added that it was likely that “hostile actors” had accessed top secret information because of Clinton’s decision to use four servers and multiple devices that were unsecured, yet President Obama proclaimed to a crowd of Democrat faithful at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina that she is extremely qualified for the presidency.

In fact, Comey’s presentation of the facts would preclude Clinton from being granted security clearance for any federal government job.

But the president, at Clinton’s side at their first joint appearance on the campaign trail, led the cheering faithful in chants of “Hil-la-ry!” reminiscent of a high school pep rally.

Putting aside the FBI’s findings about Mrs. Clinton’s judgment in setting up the rogue system of handling official emails in the first place, and the blatant falsehoods she repeated to excuse her acts, Obama said her experience as Secretary of State made her especially qualified to succeed him when his term of office ends in January.

Even as an incredulous press corps described Comey’s assessment of Clinton as “blistering” and “scathing,” President Obama flew her to North Carolina on Air Force One, and praised her as someone who could be trusted.

“…there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton. Ever. And that’s the truth. That’s the truth.”

Presumably, President Obama includes presidents who could pass a background check.

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