Apparently for President Obama, his eight years in the White House wasn't enough. He must really love being in the spotlight and pandering to the progressive base. The ex-POTUS is also doing the established Democrats' evil bidding. The "shadow president" is now planning an Asian tour, just days after President Trump returned from his successful meeting with various Asian leaders.

It's believed Obama plans to visit with China's President Xi Jinping, apparently in an effort to preserve foreign policies he enacted during his stint in the Oval Office.

The trip is part of the "Obama Foundation kickoff tour." Obama will spend several days in Shanghai and meet the president before making stops in New Delhi, India, and Paris, France. Speaking of India, First Daughter Ivanka Trump is in India promoting educational rights for girls.

Let's be real here: the timing is no coincidence. This isn't the first time Obama pulled off a similar stunt either. Just after President Trump made his first visit to Italy and France, Obama followed suit with his own European tour, visiting many of the same nations Trump stopped by just days earlier.

How pathetic of the former president. What does Obama think he can accomplish anyways? Or is he just an attention-whore desperate for attention now that he has less political sway? Either way, it just makes him and the Democrats look desperate. They're clinging to whatever little trust they have left with the American public.

Earth to Obama: you had your eight years and you did a terrible job. You and the Democrat party conducted endless drone strikes, destabilized nations that furthered the spread of Islamic radicalism, and divided the country with class and racial warfare. Can Obama just do America a favor and go away along with the Clintons?

Is Obama doing the Democrat's bidding, or is he up to something else?

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