According to commentator Jamie Dech Obama very well may use his connections lean on his "political and media infrastructure" in order to go around the presidential election and add himself into the running or even worse, use martial law to keep himself in office for an additional 4 years.

“I believe, depending on Republican race results and possible agitation in the aftermath, it’s possible Obama could try for a ‘third term,'” Dech commented last Tuesday for news source Eagle Rising.

“I don’t think he wants to give up the White House next January, if he can help it.”

Dech brought up the point that Obama had publicly stated in July that if given the opportunity voters would re-elect him into office.

Dech went on to speculate that the rapidly increasing number of violent riots and unrest related to groups like the BlackLivesMatter group as well as other groups associated with the liberal billionaire George Soros could potentially be used to help Obama enact martial law.

“So, if there is massive unrest by groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ — enough to cause a need for martial law, with National Guard action and all – then, if he declares himself king of the White House, how would he be stopped?” Dech wrote.

“Just remember immediately after 9/11 how the country, as a whole, supported George Bush Jr. as he headed the country into a war,” he continued.

These theories may seem a bit extreme but if the circumstances are right as Dech has mentioned then perhaps they aren't as far fetched as the they look.

We already know that Obama has no respect for the constitution and has violated it's terms time and time again. The combination of zero respect for the law and being in the most powerful position in the world is a very frightening thought.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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