Obama loves being a hero amongst thieves, though he hasn't come out saying this per se, his hurried approach to freeing terrorists from Gitmo does all of the talking for him. While he's so eager to give terrorists freedom, he has no problem with taking freedom from Americans. If you will recall one of the early drafts of Obamacare said that anyone that did not hold what the government considered to be a reasonable level of insurance should go to prison. Let's recap: people who are known to be threats to the American people get to walk free and possibly return to terrorism, while Obama wanted people without insurance to go to jail.

Obama's most recent act of heroism for terrorists was to release Mohammed Zahir, a high risk rated terrorist. That name should be familiar to some, as Zahir was the Secretary General of Taliban Intelligence. In fact, when he was captured he had a can full of uranium, the can had Russian writing that said, "Heavy Water U235 150 Grams." Classified reports stated that the intended use of the uranium was for it to be used as an atom bomb.

Zahir was not the first top Taliban official to be released from Gitmo. Obama also released five Taliban leaders during his awful exchange for the Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Why is Obama releasing these top Taliban officials that are a direct threat to the United States and Western allies, but so quick to threaten jail time to people who don't carry enough insurance (a "crime" that only hurts the person without the insurance)? The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has even released reports stating that terrorists that have been released from Gitmo are likely to return to terrorism. In fact it's been estimated that of the 620 detainees released to date, 30% return to terrorism.

While leaders from other countries around the world marched in Paris to show a stand against terrorism, the American President worked on helping the fight by working on releasing more Gitmo detainees. Perhaps someone should explain to our illustrious leader that he's helping the wrong side when he does this.


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