In a move of supreme irony, President Obama's recent move within the Department of Housing and Urban Development to identify and desegregate racist communities across the country has identified Westchester County, New York, as a racially segregated community.

What is ironic about the label is that Westchester County, which lies at the tip of New York state, close to Long Island, is a county which helped Obama come into power in 2008 and 2012 by voting for him.

But it appears that voting for someone can have negative, unexpected consequences for the community where you live. Who would have thought?

The Housing Department's labeling of Westchester County as harboring racial bias comes because of new housing developments which are currently under construction in the area. These housing units, it was found, are zoned and marketed for white people, not for minorities. The department is forcing the county to advertise the housing units as a place for minorities to live, and, as Obama decreed in his new mandate to increase "fairness" in housing, the county will lose out on federal funding if the changes don't take place.

For a county where over 60 percent of people voted for Obama, this news must hit especially hard.



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