Under Obama's guidance we have seen one of the most dangerous nuclear decisions in a long time with the Iran nuke deal. Obama allowed Iran to start work on their nuclear problems that could allow them to have nuclear strike capabilities in the foreseeable future. He didn't stop there. Instead of just giving them the green light he is actually giving them a helping hand with what he and other major world players just approved to be sent to Iran.

According the Associated Press, who received information from several senior diplomats, many of the world powers, including Obama just approved a shipment to be sent from Russia to Iran of nearly 130 tons of natural uranium.

Although the diplomats refused to be named, they did say that the decision was in order to keep Tehran complicit in the nuclear deal. According to them it was supposed to be compensation for the Islamic Republic exporting 44 tons of reactor coolant, an ingredient often used to make nuclear weapons plutonium.

ABC reported that Tehran did not specify what the uranium would be used for. There is a possibility that Tehran could enrich the uranium and export it to be used as reactor fuel.

Iran continues to claim that it does not plan to use the uranium to make nuclear weapons but this remains to be seen.

The Institute of Science and International Security's David Albright explained that with that much uranium Iran could make up to 10 simple nuclear bombs, "depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon," according to AP.

It's clear that the true purpose of this shipment is not to keep Tehran complicit with the nuclear pact, and in fact continues to push Tehran closer to breaking the agreement.

It seems that we may have begun to celebrate Obama's departure a bit too prematurely, seeing as Obama's last few weeks in office have been some of his most destructive.

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Source: AP

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