The easiest definition of Socialism, for anyone to understand is this: the government owns and controls everything and dispenses back to the public what it sees fit. This means, the government decides what is sold or manufactured, sets the prices, taxes the purchases, and thereby dictates what you spend your money on.

As the linked article accurately points out, every single exercise in Socialism in any form, or even its cousin, Communism, has met with failure. Think the Third Reich and Hitler’s National Socialist Party, or Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Those who grew up in the 80s would be among the last likely to remember modern-day Russia as the former USSR.

Then there was East Germany for a while, and former Imperialist Japan. Technically, we could go so far as to reach back to Ancient Egypt or the Roman Empire to get a taste of the earliest evidence of what Socialism, and its variant relatives, looks like. Notice, none of them are still with us.

Everything Socialism touches it kills. Look at Greece. Heck look at what is happening in general with the European Union. Take look at us for that matter. Long before Obama, Socialism started creeping into our lives; Department of Education, Veterans Administration, Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac, Social Security, and the US PO. Think of any federally run program and you will find a stifled, destroyed, private enterprise somewhere in the past.

Yet Obama, other federal, state, and local leadership continue to ignore the blatant repetitive centuries old lessons and are determined to take our nation further down this well-traveled path that will only lead us to ruin.

The irony is that those countries where Socialism has wrought destruction are now realizing that private industry, the path young America took 239 years ago, is the only thing that works.

How do we stop our nation from going down the wrong road? Rob Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independent Institute in Denver has some ideas, ranging from the highly controversial notion of Constitutional Amendments to holding the idiot wizards in office “personally liable for their deficits” when it comes to government run business. Solyndra anyone?

Natelson’s article is well worth your time and is linked here.

Source: CNS News

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