President Obama’s plan to contain the ISIS threat is not analogous to sending our forces overseas with one hand tied behind their backs. In fact, the restrictions that the president has placed upon our military in this battle are more analogous to sending them into the fight with one hand tied behind their backs and with a blindfold over their eyes. Such is the opinion of a Washington Post editorial that points out that the stated objectives of the president are not compatible with the way he has authorized the military to do their jobs:

Obama’s Limited Attacks Suggest Limited Knowledge of Danger

The military has long since become accustomed to political constraints impinging on their ability to protect this nation from President Truman’s refusal to allow General MacArthur to cross the Yalu River to Johnson and Nixon’s strictures against bombing targets in North Vietnam for fear of drawing China into the conflict.

The difference between these earlier military forces and the current action against ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq however, suggests that the current president is crafting a strategic strategy that bears little resemblance to the reality on the ground.

The Obama security team was late to realize the very real threat that ISIS poses to our very existence, and each military step he has taken seems designed to continue that lackadaisical approach to an existential national threat.

No Boots on the Ground Means no Eyeballs on the Target

The president’s proviso that no American service boots will hit Iraqi soil means that the flying branch above is far less capable of achieving the strategic goals of downgrading ISIS military formations. Indeed, according to military experts, the key to a successful air war is the presence of Special Forces spotters, who proved their worth in the battles against the Taliban in 2001, to accurately pinpoint targets with lasers that guide in the deadly munitions that the air force has ready for delivery.

Our military is the best in the world, and they excel at operating in combined formations to bring down this nation’s enemies. It’s too bad that the current Commander-in-Chief distrusts their abilities to the point of putting American lives in jeopardy.

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